Reunited & It Feels So Good

Reunited & It Feels So Good

Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mr. President...Don't String Me Along!

By accident or by chance I have joined an elite pop culture blogging troupe called the League of Extraordinary Bloggers, which is hosted by the blog Cool and Collected;Cool and Collected.  Better late than never was never so true.  The League is celebrating it's first birthday, and it has motivated me to write weekly even if it has only been a month.

 I have missed out on some great topics that would have been fun to blog on; spys, spacemen, pirates, ninjas, zombies, the old west, what ifs??, dream jobs, holy grails & white whales, prized posessions, sweet rides, March Madness (Rock Chalk Jay Hawk, Go KU!,) when I was 12, Saturday morning cartoons, movies,  places to visit, road trips, holidays, the state of pop culture, and holy cow (I can't believe I missed this one) - how to destroy the death star?  Some topics that might be interesting in the future could be; things that I wished would be remade, remakes that should have never happened, who would win???, the Pink Panther & crimes of the century, music to my ears, WWII & the greatest generation, old meets new, aviation, "shh don't tell anyone" - my collecting secrets, Races/NASCAR, nautical, books & authors, and before the American Pickers were picking, I found.....  No mater the topic, I'm in all the way!

This past Sunday I had the chance to play a game that has been on my list to play for sometime now.  In fact I have not even seen a copy in the wild until last night.  The game appears very simple, so simple it is hard to believe that it might be fun.  The game is call String Railway.  It was designed Hisashi Hayashi and is currently published by FoxMind games.  It plays four games, over five rounds.  The goal is to lay out your railway using colored string from station to station that maximizes your score.  Really??? Colored string??  Yes, and it was fun.  Well worth the wait. 

Before I sign off this week, I want to wish The League a Happy Birthday, and yes I have a birthday themed game called Crappy Birthday . The game was designed by Brian and Amy Weinstock and published by North Star Games.  When its your turn, its your birthday and each other player gives you a Crappy gift.  As you go through your gifts, pick the one that you like the least, that player then recieves a point.  The first player to 3 points, wins. 

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