Reunited & It Feels So Good

Reunited & It Feels So Good

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"Silence you ninny!" 5 Reasons to Collect Lost in Space Memorabilia

Oh my "there's a lot of space out there to get lost in......."

If money was of no concern, I could jump start a fine "Lost in Space" collection with 5 quick purchases at Hakes Americana & Collectibles.  "Lost in Space" was a science fiction television show that ran for three seasons in the 1960's.  As the Robinson family prepares a mission to Alpha Centauri in the Juipter 2, the stow away, Dr. Zachary Smith has something else planned entirely.  "Never fear, Smith is here!"

     "Oh! the pain, the pain."

5.  Lost in Space Remco Helmet If I owned this I would wear it for my Dork Horde photo!

4.  Lost in Space Motorized Toy Robot  "Danger Will Robinson, Danger!" Enough said.

3.  Lost in Space Switch N Go Toy

2.  Lost in Space Milton Bradley Game  In this game of luck, players must travel over the wild and hazardous unknown planet.

1.  Lost in Space 3D Action Fun Game This spin and move game is three levels high!  Great 3D graphics.

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  1. Nice picks you made there. Cool assortment.

  2. Some excellent choices here! I can't believe you don't already have the Lost in Space board game. ;)

  3. Brian, Your right. I have only seen this game once in the wild, and the dealer would not put a price on it.