Reunited & It Feels So Good

Reunited & It Feels So Good

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hey isn't that George Brett

As one of my older son's transitioned from playing Little League baseball to umpiring Little League baseball, I enjoyed watching him play and on a rare occasion would watch him umpire. After watching one of his games that he had umpired and did quite well despite some angry coaches and the fussy fans, I found myself walking to the car side-by-side with George Brett. George Brett was one of my favorite baseball players as I grew up watching the Royals. As it turns out his son was playing in the game that my son had umpired. As we walked to the car we chit chatted and visited for a while. I did not asking for an autograph.  We visited about the game, about baseball and about the weather. In the end I told him to have a nice night and he did so back to me.

Addendum; well I'm glad I didn't post this blog before today, Saturday, April 12, as my class at UMKC began today,  one of my graduate students shared or made a very quick comment about when she was a "bunny." At that point I asked her to explain.  She stated how she had been a Playboy bunny when she was a younger woman and then shared some of her stories. The class was quick to ask her if she ever met Hugh Hefner, and she stated 'no." So today I met my first Playboy bunny!

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