Reunited & It Feels So Good

Reunited & It Feels So Good

Sunday, July 18, 2010

17 Days Until GenCon

As I write this blog, it is 17 days until GenCon. I am really looking forward to the "Best 4 Days of Gaming" this year. Several game designers will be present that I have not yet met including Martin Wallace. I enjoy meeting and visiting with the game designers. Mr. Wallace has been on my list for many years.

While I have not gamed much in the past two weeks, I did make several gaming achievements this week. While vacationing in Branson, I found a wonderful copy of Can't Stop. It is a push your luck dice game. During a recent session, my son Ryan ran the 9's in two turns, and it appeared if he was going to run away with the game. Then he could not stop, and busted. Before long, Hunter, Ian and I were in the game.

On this past Thursday, I facilitated a game night with the boys at Gillis and the Gillis board members. I provided 14 games, and 10 volunteers who taught and moderated each game for the players. It was a huge success. A special thanks go out to Ryan Johnson for designing the event handout. Some of the games included; Tier auf Tier, Pitch Car, Go Nuts, Can't Stop, Penguin Rescue, Tiki Topple, and Sorry Sliders.
Tonight's gaming was almost a no-go, but a big thanks to Paul for saving the evening. We played Forbidden Bridge. It is such a silly fun game. As your adventurer tries to cross a damaged bridge, the Tiki shakes, while trying to knock off your token/adventurer. Plus a fun game of Survive which is also known as Escape from Atlantis. Paul's children took great delight in eating my swimmers and or capsizing my boats. Overall, it was a good two weeks, 8.0 out of 10.

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