Reunited & It Feels So Good

Reunited & It Feels So Good

Friday, July 30, 2010

Are Games an Art Form?

While listening to the most recent D6 Generation podcast, episode 60, total fan girl, Nicole Wakelin, explored the question. Are board games an art form? In my mind I was quick to answer, yes! I was pleased to be greeted by a package when I got home from work. My copy of "Beyond Tic Tac Toe" (1975) by Sid Sackson had arrived. In his forward he writes, "games mean many thing to many people; to me they are an art form of great potential beauty. Just as a composer's creation is brought to life by the performing musicians, a game inventor's creation is brought to life by the players of the game. When the creation is inspired and the players are talented, a true work of art results."

This past year I had the pleasure to be guest lecturer at DeSoto high school's honors art class. I attempted to address this same question, but I lacked the finesse of Mr. Sackson. "Yes" I stated to the students. Every card, board, component, box, concept, and set of rules are a piece of art.

I am routinely asked why I collect games. "You collect games.... like Monopoly and Candy Land?" No, I collect "art!" I think Mr. Sackson would agree. Mr. Sackson designed hundreds of games, and is well known for his classic, Acquire.

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  1. Mr. Sackson did quite eloquently state my position on games, as well. I wonder what he would say to Roger Ebert's denigration of video games as art? Your game was published in 1975, so it wasn't an issue then, but I bet he'd argue video games are art, too!