Reunited & It Feels So Good

Reunited & It Feels So Good

Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's Good to be the King!

Did you ever play King of the Hill as a child? I remember playing it while on Boy Scout camp outs. Eventually it became the younger scouts versus a the older boys. "Take out their legs" was the most heard war cry. I even remember an indoor game or two with my cousins (on my mother's side) on their couch despises my aunt's taunts, King of the Couch.

Just before this past Christmas I found a very nice 1964 copy of King of the Hill by Schaper. The game is a simple "roll & move" game laced with traps. Imagine Shuts & Ladders without the ladders. In addition it does not use dice but a simple yet innovative "tilt-scorer." If your a fan of the Price is Right, the "tilt-scorer" resembles the plenko game.

Another new variant of the king of the hill theme is King of Tokyo. This games combines a dice mechanic, and a Godzilla theme. In the photo, Ian is playing the game designer, Richard Garfield at Gencon 2012. The goal is to knock out the other monsters using your claw attack or special sci-fy weapons.

"It's good to be the king" is a classic line in a Mel Brooks movie. Can you remember which movie?

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