Reunited & It Feels So Good

Reunited & It Feels So Good

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hello My Name Is ............

My name is Grey Endres and I'm a son, husband, father, Social Worker, Eagle Scout, Educator, and board game enthusiast.  I have loved board and table top games since I was a young boy. There are too many and I have too many games to have a solid top ten given the variation in themes, and game mechanics.  So In defining who I am, I thought I would break down gaming as it pertains to me.

I love western, space, zombie, fantasy, sports (baseball, hockey, soccer, race, animal, dexterity, pirates, dinosaurs, adventure, horror, mummies, vampires, World War II,Time travel, food, Superheroes, and farm themed games.

I love games that allow me to build, craft, or develop.

I love tile laying, bluffing, bidding, worker placement, cooperative games, player interaction games, area control, risk taking (push your luck,) dexterity, set collecting, trick taking, & deck building mechanics.

I don't love roll and move games, but I love dice games.

I really love games that I can enhance the components; who doesn't love little toys and bits?

I love miniatures but I don't love to paint.

I love card games and really love board games that use cards.

I sometimes love "take that games" but I always love the meta game.

I don't love but I will play deduction games such as Clue or Scotland yard

I don't mind playing as a villains but I will not play the color purple.
I have little patience for game snobs.  A game snob is someone who doesn't like a game, and goes out of their way to bash the game publicly & those who play it. Somewhere someone put their heart into the game design, the layout, development, and design. Who has the right to publicly bash their game thus stepping on their heart?

I love roll playing games but I don't have the time to invest in my friends ongoing campaigns (jealous!.)  RPG's that can be played in one session are AWESOME!

My new favorite game I can't stop thinking about is Rise of the Runelords Adventure Card Game.

I feel strongly that board games are an artistic expression. Well that's a few gaming thoughts about me. Please check out some of my fellow bloggers; Bruno in Peru, the Crooked Ninja, & the Happy Haunted Sunshine House.


  1. Funny, I don't play video games, but I love their design, plot and characters. I enjoy more watching others playing than playing myself. It is like watching a movie or a cartoon :D

  2. Hey Grey! I don't think I've caught you around the League before but wanted to say hi. I call myself a gamer but I don't play much lately (aka the last decade or so). I love board & card games. I read game rules for recreation even if I might never play the game. That's also in part me wanting to make a cool game someday. I figure the more stuff I can cram into my head, the better!

  3. Have yet to play the card game, but I do loves me some pathfinder. Running through council of thieves right now...