Reunited & It Feels So Good

Reunited & It Feels So Good

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Star Wars Angry Birds II

As I come out of my GenCon coma, the sad realization begins to set in, the summer is almost over and it's time to go back to school.  I was going to skip this weeks Cool & Collected blog topic until yesterday.

Back to school is no different for us as we have two sons in college and a third son in middle school.  Our oldest son came home late Friday evening from his internship at NASA and Saturday evening was spent shopping at Walmart to outfit in new campus apartment.

"Hey Tammy I'm going to wander over to the game/toy section."  I try to run by the toy-section  about every other trip.  However, 90% plus of the time I rarely find anything new or that needs to be purchased. However  I was pleasantly surprised last winter by the Star Wars Angry Birds Jenga toys.

"Huh? Telepods? What the heck are telepods?"  A second series of star wars Angry Bird toys released a few weeks ago but these look different.  On the bottom of each figure is a micro chip.

I was 14 when Star Wars came to the big screen but I was a little old for the wave of toys that followed.  Major Matt Mason was a little more my speed.  However I did enjoy the fiction that followed each movie.  It was such a strange notion that the story began in the middle.

I've been immune to Skylanders and the latest launch of Disney's Infinity.  I not overly attracted to video games, but I can appreciate the design that goes into each game.  Hasborg (the nickname many gamers have given Hasbro) has been paying attention.  

In mid-September, a new iPad Star Wars Angry Bird game releases, and a gamer may unlock their figures by teleporting them into the game.  The promotional video shows that you can play the pigs as well.  Darth Maul Pig's red light saber will most likely be cool to wield. 

Aside from the IPad game, each pack supports the previous Jenga's toys.  The toys come in two packs, theme packs, and the huge Star Destroyer pack.

Who would have thought that back to school shopping would have been so fruitful!   The dark side is strong as I feel the pull of $$ from my wallet!

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