Reunited & It Feels So Good

Reunited & It Feels So Good

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Gencon Wednesday; The Calm Before the Storm!

Arrival and check in was extremely smooth today.  For several years I have purchased my badge and event tickets as will call.  Apparently so has thousands of other gamers.  They are expecting over 41 thousands attendees this year.

After picking up my badge, I then got in line at the auction room as I brought 16 game to sell.  Previous years had long waits to check in your games, but they have stream-lined the process, and it took less than 30 minutes.  So far the gaming Gods have blessed my group with good karma.

Indy is a great city to visit. The architecture is beautiful and the city fully embraces the gaming culture. Many restaurants decorate for the occasion and offer specialized convention menus. I would highly recommend the Ram and Scotty's Brewhouse. This year Piazo and the game Pathfinder are sponsors at Scotty's. If you order off the special menu, you can get a customized Gencon d6. Who doesn't love free swag.

We did manage to play lots of new games today given its what Gencon is all about.

We played Dungeon Roll, Puppet Wars; Unstitched, and Eight Minute Empire. Dungeon Roll is a push your luck dice game with a Dungeon & Dragons theme. The goal is to have the most experience points by slaying dragons & looting treasure. Some of the art was done by a friend who works at Hallmark Cards, Ryan Johnson. 

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