Reunited & It Feels So Good

Reunited & It Feels So Good

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The (Hot) Dog Days of Summer

GenCon will be here in two weeks.  As always I am excited but I can’t honestly say what or which game I am the most excited to see.  I am most eager to be with and see old friends while spending 1:1 time with my youngest son. 
Usually my summer game playing is exploding as the summer passes.  Unfortunately, I have played few games this summer, but the games I have played have been wonderful times.  On Tuesday July 10, I drove to northern Germany to meet a legendary game designer and game collector, Bruce Whitehill.  It was a wonderful time and he and his wife were very kind hosts.  As the night came to a conclusion, he had shared with me several prototypes that will most likely be published by a European game company.  My favorite game was themed in the Australian outback.

I am planning to attend game night tonight at Pulp Fiction Comics and Games in Lees Summit.  King of Tokyo and Mondo will hit the table.  King of Tokyo is a fun dice and card game about monsters smash about the city.  It resembles the game of King of the Hill that I remember playing as a child.  Mondo is a tile laying world creation game.  Both games have beautiful graphics.

I read a wonderful article in the Kansas City Star Magazine today, “A Good Death” by Judith Valente.