Reunited & It Feels So Good

Reunited & It Feels So Good

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Most Epic Find Ever.........

July 22, 2010

On my home from work, I decided to stop at the Salvation Army in Independence, MO. I found a complete copy of Broadsides and Boarding Parties.  As I knelt and began check out the contents, a fellow thriftier "Mike" stood over me and waited for me to finish, asking if it was complete. I answered “yes” as he went down the isle looking at the remaining games and loudly sighing. After paying $1.98, he was waiting outside the store.  I quickly walked to my car as I wanted to check out the Fantasy Flight LOTR trivia game that I left behind. While I was online, I saw him drive away. My next stop was the DAV just down the road.

As I parked at the DAV, I noticed "Mike's" car. Upon entering the store, I went straight for the game isle and saw him in the men’s clothes section. I quickly spied a copy of Carrier Strike for $1.98.  As I picked it up, underneath was a copy of.... Dark Tower.

I grabbed both copies, stood up, and there was "Mike" my fellow thriftier (quickly becoming a CREEPER) standing next to me. As I made my way to the check out, he followed me explaining that he is a antique toy dealer and game collector. I asked him where his shop was & he said he travels from show to show 9 months of the year. I asked if he had a card, and he said he was “fresh out.” He introduced himself as “Mike.” I mentioned the Board Game Geek .com and he denied knowing about the site. Before I could even pay for both games, he offered to buy Dark Tower for $100 and told me how Carrier Strike was a “dud.” I politely said no thank you, and he followed me outside the store. As I walked away he yelled at me about how great some bicycle was. He asked me how old I was, as he was 40 something. I made a bee line for the car while calling my good friend Paul to tell him about the Dark Tower he was going to get. Mike made an additional offer of $200 as I was getting into my car.

Dark Tower was $2.98 and complete including the flags, buildings, tokens, figs, and tower that was nestled in it’s original packing material.  After getting in my car, I called Paul (on the left) to share with him the story.  He was stunned and was quick to think I was teasing him.  15 minutes later he was in possession of his long time grail.  The photo on the right is of me holding both finds!

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I Love the Color Blue; A Photo Essay

Please enjoy a few BLUE photos I have taken or were taken of me.

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hello My Name Is ............

My name is Grey Endres and I'm a son, husband, father, Social Worker, Eagle Scout, Educator, and board game enthusiast.  I have loved board and table top games since I was a young boy. There are too many and I have too many games to have a solid top ten given the variation in themes, and game mechanics.  So In defining who I am, I thought I would break down gaming as it pertains to me.

I love western, space, zombie, fantasy, sports (baseball, hockey, soccer, race, animal, dexterity, pirates, dinosaurs, adventure, horror, mummies, vampires, World War II,Time travel, food, Superheroes, and farm themed games.

I love games that allow me to build, craft, or develop.

I love tile laying, bluffing, bidding, worker placement, cooperative games, player interaction games, area control, risk taking (push your luck,) dexterity, set collecting, trick taking, & deck building mechanics.

I don't love roll and move games, but I love dice games.

I really love games that I can enhance the components; who doesn't love little toys and bits?

I love miniatures but I don't love to paint.

I love card games and really love board games that use cards.

I sometimes love "take that games" but I always love the meta game.

I don't love but I will play deduction games such as Clue or Scotland yard

I don't mind playing as a villains but I will not play the color purple.
I have little patience for game snobs.  A game snob is someone who doesn't like a game, and goes out of their way to bash the game publicly & those who play it. Somewhere someone put their heart into the game design, the layout, development, and design. Who has the right to publicly bash their game thus stepping on their heart?

I love roll playing games but I don't have the time to invest in my friends ongoing campaigns (jealous!.)  RPG's that can be played in one session are AWESOME!

My new favorite game I can't stop thinking about is Rise of the Runelords Adventure Card Game.

I feel strongly that board games are an artistic expression. Well that's a few gaming thoughts about me. Please check out some of my fellow bloggers; Bruno in Peru, the Crooked Ninja, & the Happy Haunted Sunshine House.