Reunited & It Feels So Good

Reunited & It Feels So Good

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Endeavor, At First Glance - Fun, But It is a Flawed Game

During BubbaGeek Con, we were introduced to Endeavor. Generally speaking, I love games were we are building something. In this game, you are building a commerce engine. I have played it three times, and have noticed several trends. All three plays were 5 player. All three games had a brand new player winning with a 30 pt spread such as 65-28. The game flaw is in the start player mechanic. The mechanic is not really a mechanic, who ever goes first, the next first player moves clockwise. Thus in a five player, the first player is 1st player twice and only 5th player once. While the fifth player is fifth twice, and only 1st player once. The game is a respond game as opposed to a grand stratagey. Thus, going first and fifth, are a disadvantage. In addition, by the end of turn #2, each player is already on top of each other. I need to play this as a three player. Maybe 4 player?? Pat is focused.

Two Thumbs Up for Paul

Here is an awesome picture of a super fun little dexterity game called Elk Fest. It is a two player game, but add a copy of the game, and suddenly it would be a blurr of running Elks.
: - )
Paul is my thrifting mentor.

Thrifting; A New Meta Game

What a great week of gaming. Many achievements UNLOCKED!! I began a thrifting quest, and found Downfall, Monopoly Express, The American Dream, Labyrinth, Stratego vintage 1963, and a copy of Safari Rush Hour. All for just under $10. I played Downfall with Ian this past Saturday, and we had a blast. Tonight, I attended game group, and we played Treasure Hunt, Powerpuff Girls, and Acquire. I won Acquire with $33,100, a $100 more than Pat. What a good time. I downloaded the most recent Dice Tower podcast, and listened to the more recent episode of the D6 Generation. My copy of Timber Tom should arrive this week!!!!! Maybe I will get the game room organized. Presently, I have a trade proposal out, and an Ebay bid in the works.

Overall, a hard week to top!! On a scale of 1-10, 10 is awesome, an 8.7 Holy Cow!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stronghold Pics from Bubba Geek Con 2010

As Paul builds his defenses, my forces of orcs (red,) trolls (green,) and goblins(white) build to swarm his wall.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tier auf Tier !!!

A good night of gaming caps the end of a good week. My long awaited copy of Which Witch arrived Friday. It is in wonderful shape considering it is a 40 year old game. I would love to have cleaned up my game room, but I did get a second set of Bisikle bikers painted. During the week I listened to the most recent episode of the Dice Tower, and began episode 53 of the D6 Generation. The D6 mentioned a book called Hunger Games, and I picked up a copy. The theme/world is interesting. In addition, I did begin to take notes for a re-theme of Vegas Showdown. I took Ian to game night where we played Tier auf Tier twice, Bisikle, and Endeavor. Despite taking 5th place, I score 37pts which was a personal best. Overall, the week in gaming was an 8. Not bad!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A late entry...... achievment unlocked

Holy Cow, I am off to a poor start. In my mind, I post every day or at least as planned. Last week, I went to BubbaGeek Con in the Ozarks. I played 25 games in two days. Endeavor was a huge winner and Nuns on the Run was awful. While several enjoyed making sexual remarks when two nuns occupied the same room…. The game was awful. My nun began right behind the two sisters, so even if I ran twice from the beginning, I was heard and eventually caught. I would rather have my teeth cleaned than be forced to play this game again. I will post some pics in a few days. Several fun games were Timber Tom, Stonghold, and Elk Fest. I did not want to like Stronghold, but would enjoy playing the game again. I have several cool pics of my eventually overrun.

On a scale of 1-10, 10 is AWESOME, the week in gaming was a 7.

Monday, April 5, 2010

The calm before the gaming storm....

Good evening. It’s been a quite week in gaming for me. Last Sunday 3/29, I surprised my self for joining Facebook. I am really enjoying FarmVille, and within a week, I am at level 11. It resembles Agricola in many areas. I would love to be able to play Agricola every week if time allowed. Among many of my close gamer friends, it was our favorite new game in 2009 although it came out in 2008. FarmVille scratches the Agricola itch. There is a on-line version of Agicola, but it’s design is clumsy.

My new games from Fair Play arrived on Good Friday. So far, I have enjoyed FITS, and Sushi Roll After a few more plays, my wife will be hard to beat as she like Tetris type games. While Sushi Roll is very light, it played well with my 8 year old son, his friend and their parents. I found an PDF expansion for Fits on line.

This week should be a big gaming week as several buddies are meeting at “Bubba Geek Con.” My personal goal is to play Gates of Loyang. Le Harve, and Agricola. The trifecta of economic goods production. In addition, I hope to learn Chaos of the Old World, and Chicago Express.

No real achievements in gaming modeling this week. I did pick up some small panda bear figs to enhance my copy of Gates of Loyang. Overall, I plan on cleaning up and organizing my modeling area and supplies. My next project is assembling my Grind figs

On a scale of 1-10, 10 is AWESOME, the week in gaming was a 4. :(