Reunited & It Feels So Good

Reunited & It Feels So Good

Sunday, November 28, 2010

November in a Nutshell

It is hard to believe that November is almost over. Thanksgiving was a blessing as we spent the day with Tammy's parents. Her father is battling cancer, and I enjoyed visiting with him while watching football and eating a wonderful meal. The day ended as we brought home an 8 week old farm kitten that Tammy named Pearl. She is has been very curious and lovable this weekend.

I have played several old and new favorite games this month including Agricola, Dominion, and Gosu. I am participating in several board game secret Santa gift exchanges, and I received Gosu. It is a game of Goblin Supremacy. The board game geek data base describes it as a hybrid of Race for the Galaxy and Magic the Gathering. While I have not played Race for the Galaxy, it is no where near Magic. I like the fact that it has a neat game mechanic that triggers when you get behind in points. You are never really out of the game.

On November 9 - 12, I traveled to Rochester, NY to research project X. It was a very successful trip.

This Friday the 3rd celebrates the 6th annual While Dragon game day to celebrate mine and Pat's December birthdays. It is always a tradition that we play El Grande.

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