Reunited & It Feels So Good

Reunited & It Feels So Good

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Do you record your game plays?

Many if not most of us take pictures of family vacations, holidays, and special occasions. Gaming sessions can be just as (if not more) memorable than some of those family gatherings. So why not capture that special play of your favorite game? If have almost 99% of the time, recorded a played game for the past two ½ years although I sporadically began recording my played games in 2003 just after beginning my Board Game Geek account. I love the game played feature on BGG. For the most part, I only log the play and do not list any specifics including where, with whom, and out come. I have met and played with gamers who carried a written journal when they gamed. I've always admired a person who could journal or make use of a diary. I am just not disciplined enough to make use of a journal. Fortunately I have a good memory, and would like to share a few recent gaming memories. Gaming is a family tradition that was passed down to me by my parents, and grandmothers. These are not in any order.

1. I have taken all three of my sons to GenCon. Granted, when they go, it is a very different experience than when I go with just my buddies. I purposely pick games that I think they will enjoy. The requirements are that they must be easy to learn and teach. During Ryan and Hunter’s first GenCon in 2003, I convinced my wife to let me take Ryan to a late night game of Zombies!!! by Twilight Creations. Ryan is so bright, that within a few turns, it was clear that he just might beat a table full of adult men. Subsequently, a few opponents also realized this, and began to plot against Ryan. As they cornered him (cutting off his path to win the game) I drew a card which allowed me to switch player token positions. I switched my token with Ryan’s, thus allowing him a clear path to victory. Several of the other players were annoyed with me as I “kingmade” Ryan. Ryan had no idea as he was proudly sporting a new Zombie t-shirt.

2. While coming home from GenCon in 2005, Pat, Andy, Ryan and myself decided to host a winter gaming party (that celebrates mine and Pat’s birthdays.) Thus White Dragon Con was born. While not a huge event, we have had 20 or so gamers attend the past several years. The gaming swag is a pair of specially designed dice. During White Dragon in 2007, my father joined us and was enthralled with a dexterity game call Crokinole. It was my father’s last White Dragon Con.

3. On Thursday May 27, 2010 was the last day of school for my sons Ryan (18) Hunter (17) and Ian (9.) So I picked Ian up early today so that we could thrift for games, buy an end of the school year gift, and play a board game at home. Ian picked out Apples to Apples Jr. for his gift. While thrifting, we found 2 3M games; Stocks & Bonds & Facts in Five. Upon getting home, we played two games of The Lost World Jurassic Park Game. Ian managed to get three humans to the chopper and win while my dinos ate 9 humans! Playing with Ian while he giggled - PRICELESS. After dinner we played two 4 player games of Apples to Apples.

I had a good week in gaming this past week including Roll Through the Ages, Fresco, and 7 Wonders. My initial assessment of 7 Wonders stands, very little player interaction and gaming tension. I enjoy the game, but I guess I was expecting more. Given my tastes, I already know that I will grow bored of it. While another gamer and I were discussing this, I mentioned that I prefer Innovation to 7 Wonders, when a third gamer quickly stated his disdain for Innovation as it was a cross between Fluxx & Munchkin! I immediately came to it's defense, Fluxx??? I can see the long stretch of Munchkin as both games included a stab your neighbor mechanic. However, Fluxx?? Other than being printed on cards, what comparison do the two games have?

I have completed my assessment of possible games to take to China, and have decided on the following games; Yomi, Factory Manager, Cookie Fu, The Great Wall, Innovation, Irondale, Looney Pyramids, Let's Kill, Hive Carbon, NHL Ice Breaker, & Sixis. Plus I have the rules for two games from Gamut of Games; Mate, Blue & Gray. It is a nice mix of games that completely fits into a plastic tub.

Achievement Unlocked!

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Gencon 2011 Event Note
Are you a fan of or newcomer to Sid Sackson board games; Acquire, Focus, Can't Stop, Holiday/Shanghai, Buy Word, & I'm The Boss? If so, please join me in celebrating these wonderful games as I will be hosting an event at GenCon. Multiple copies of these games will be available for play. Rules will be taught if your a new comer. Prizes/swag for all participants. Game ID:BGM1119613

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